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Howl for wolves!Stand With Wolves!

Organize an event as part of the National Day of Action for Wolves on August 14th

1: Pick a location that has lots of foot traffic. 

2: Ask friends, family and co-workers to join you! 

3: Alert the Media (by writing a media advisory a week in advance and send to your local papers, TV and radio stations.  Follow-up with a press release on the day of the event).  

4: Download wolf masks to print and wear or rent a wolf costume!  Make signs opposing the proposed wolf delisting. 

5:Download a petition to gather signatures in support of protecting wolves.

Check for additional materials at

Howl at Noon! 

Take pictures and/or video and share them with us by posting to our Facebook page, tweeting at us (@savespecies) or using the hashtag #standwithwolves, or emailing

Important: Please do NOT register events without including event address and description. 

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