Endangered Belugas at risk!

Beluga Whales at risk!

Cook Inlet beluga whales are already struggling--their numbers have plummeted from 1,300 just four decades ago to less than 300 today.

Now, Apache Alaska Corporation, an international oil exploration company, has begun using deafening seismic airguns in Cook Inlet. These sound-blasting devices subject the remaining belugas to excruciating pain, deafness, and even death.

NOAA has authorized Apache Alaska Corporation to operate these destructive sonar devices for 3 years--legally killing and harassing up to 30 whales per year. Beluga whales depend on sound to survive and these devices produce some of the loudest underwater sounds known to man.

Tell the Obama Administration to withdraw Apache Alaska Corporation's permit and to focus on the conservation and recovery of Cook Inlet beluga whales.

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