Members of both the U.S. House and the Senate are are preparing legislation to strip wolves of their federal protections in states including Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Deciding when to remove Endangered Species Act protections is not the role of politicians in Congress and would set a dangerous precenent -- weakening this crucial conservation law.

If anti-wolf legislators get their way, the result will be more state-led killing of wolves and a blow to the Endangered Species Act. Before the courts intervened, these 4 states allowed some of the most disturbing means of managing wolves:

  • State legislators in Michigan ignored the expressed will of voters and enacted aggressive wolf hunting in the state.
  • Like Wyoming, Minnesota allowed wolves to be killed virtually without limit in most of the state.
  • Wisconsin allowed the use of up to 6 dogs to purse wolves, in addition to indiscriminate trapping.

These policies could likely return if Congress strips wolves of Endangered Species Act protections. Please urge your Senators and Congressional Represenative to oppose ANY anti-wolf legislation put forth in Congress.