Wolf Recovery Vision

photo credit Flickr user Sherwood411
Beautiful, strong, and wild, America’s wolves once ranged across most of the United States. More than a symbol of wilderness, wolves have kept nature in balance and have helped maintain healthy populations of other important species. But centuries of hunting, trapping, and poisoning, and a government-sponsored eradication campaign, had essentially eliminated wolves from the American landscape.

Today, thanks to the Endangered Species Act, wolves are finally beginning to recover in wild places and are once again a vital part of America’s natural heritage. Yet the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has no plans to restore wolves to substantial areas of wilderness where they once lived. And, even more disturbing, FWS no longer wants to protect wolves as an endangered species.

We have a responsibility to use the best available science to leave behind a legacy of protecting all endangered species for our children and future generations. We are gravely concerned that actions by state and federal agencies aim to undermine wolf recovery. 

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