End the Inhumane Trapping of Wolves

More than one thousand wolves have been killed by trappers in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Wisconsin, and Minnesota since 2011. Unlike hunting, trapping is loosely regulated. In states that allow trapping, wolves can be left for days on end.

Trapping is thoroughly indiscriminate. Endangered and protected species like bald and golden eagles, wolverines, Canada lynx, and countless others are killed annually by trapping. Even household pets are killed by this outdated, cruel practice. In Montana, lethal traps can be set a mere 1,000 feet from a trailhead, a campground, or even a home.

Please join us in demanding that trapping end now. The cost to protected species is far too high, and the method of slaughter far too cruel, to continue to sanction this as an acceptable means of management. 

To: Governors of Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Wisconsin, and Minnesota: