Support Protection of "Lolita" Under the Endangered Species Act

More than four decades ago, the whale who has since come to be known as "Lolita" was ripped from her pod and shipped to the Miami Seaquarium where she remains to this day. The National Marine Fisheries Service is now proposing to grant her protections under the Endangered Species Act--protections given in 2005 to the population of whales from which she was captured.

Protecting Lolita under the Endangered Species Act would not necessarily mean she would be released into the wild. But it would prevent her from being held for the sole purpose of performing as she is today.

Please take action and tell the National Marine Fisheries Service that you support protecting Lolita under the Endangered Species Act.

Learn more about "Lolita" and other captive orcas, and what can be done to protect them.

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