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Mexican gray wolf

Friend of the Species,

Lobo Week is right around the corner (March 26th to April 1st), marking the 19th anniversary of their return to their ancestral home, yet the Mexican gray wolf needs your help more than ever. Senator Jeff Flake has introduced S. 368 that could drive the Mexican gray wolf to extinction.

Here's the breakdown:

- The bill would authorize states, the livestock industry, and other special interest groups to dictate the terms of the Mexican gray wolf recovery plan, rather than scientists.
- It would set an arbitrary cap on the number of wolves in the wild and require removal (most likely the lethal removal) of all wolves over that number.
- It would ban wolves from areas scientists have identified as necessary to their recovery.
- Worst of all, this bill would remove the Mexican wolf from the endangered species list once the terms of the politicized recovery plan have been achieved, even though they would still be biologically imperiled.

Bills and riders aimed at stripping protections from endangered Mexican wolves put more than wolves in peril—they threaten all wildlife and the Endangered Species Act itself. The Act dictates that species recovery be guided by the best available science, not politics. This legislation threatens our democracy.

​​Call Senator Flake's office today and urge that he abandon this Mexican wolf extinction bill! ​See below for a call script to help get your started. Feel free to add your own flare and any of the talking points above.

"Hello, this is ______. I live in ______, AZ and am Senator Flake's constituent. ​I am calling to ask the senator to withdraw his Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Act​. This bill does not have the Mexican wolf's best interest in mind. It caters to special interests and is not backed by science. Worst of all, this bill undermines the Endangered Species Act, by authorizing delisting of the wolf before it has been biologically recovered. This bill does not represent my values as an Arizonian. Thank you for your time."

Phoenix Office

Tucson Office

Please click here to report your call!

Thank you for your commitment to wildlife and wild places.


Hailey Hawkins
Southern Rockies Representative
Endangered Species Coalition